How To Order

Brimbank Models designs 3D models using the latest design software. We have unfettered access to the real thing so our models are as accurate as we can get for N Scale. Some compromises have to made to accommodate off-the-shelf power units and running gear.

Due to the scale (1:160) of our models, they have details that are extremely fine. To get these models out to a market at a reasonable cost, we utilise 3D printing technology using the most up-to-date printing techniques available. These machines cost upwards of AU150,000 each. Obviously being such a small player in the Australian N Scale market, we cannot afford to print these models ourselves. We use Shapeways as they can produce the models using sophisticated printing technology and they have the global distribution centres to get these models out to our customers quickly and efficiently.

Ordering process:
Choose the product you would like to order
On this website, you’ll find our range of products, click on the links for the product, and that will take you directly to our relevant Shapeways Shop page.

Add to your cart at Shapeways
On the product page at Shapeways the price of the product is shown on the right. You can also see the material in which you can have the model printed. The default material that matches the level of detail of the model, is already chosen for you. At this point remember to check the box titled “Print it Anyway”. Shapeways systems has very low tolerances for what it thinks it’s machines can and can’t print, checking this box will force the system to print the extremely small details (horns/buffers etc..) which the checking systems will not print out. Sometimes you can choose a different material too. If you select the alternative the price will change immediately. Click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button.

Follow the ordering process at Shapeways
Follow the steps in the ordering process at Shapeways. Your purchase does not include GST if you are ordering from Australia.
In some cases it is possible to select multiple options for your shipment. If you are ordering and you already have a pending order with Shapeways you have the option of combining the shipping and saving the cost of a separate shipment.

Shapeways sends you the product
When your order is 3D printed, it is packed and shipped directly to you!

Check the product
Unpack your order carefully. Then check your order. If a part is missing or damaged please contact Shapeways directly. Their customer service is second to none and will assist you with your enquiry.

Errors in Printing

Sometimes printing errors occur and Shapeways simply cannot print a model, even though it may have been produced without issue many times before. In these cases we will be contacted and that part of your order refunded to you automatically. Please don’t worry at this point. We work directly with Shapeways to resolve the issue, make any changes to the model that Shapeways request to enable a successful print and contact you to confirm that the item can be re-ordered. This normally takes 24-36 hours. Once you re-order the item(s) you can have the shipping combined with the original order so you will not pay two shipping charges.